Hong Kong Registered Nurse!

January 9 2018

HA – Heart
AOM – BPH med
AT – L Malleolus – wrote docs first before raising bed rails and leaving pt

Only obsessed about the bed rails.

March 14 2018

I passed!

“Third time’s the charm!” were the exact words I told my uncle about 2 years ago now when he asked how my future plans were looking like, and throughout those two years after passing my written exam, it was an emotional and educational one.

Walking into this exam was so foreign to me because I knew very little people — almost no one — who were taking the exams and study groups and study material. I literally had to do so much research where in the Philippines review centers were everywhere!

Now let’s rewind the entire thing.

The application process was first a drag. Having to do this myself, it nearly took me another two years to get all my documents rounded up. This included a montage of back and forth letters, emails and phone calls to my Alma Mater and the Hong Kong Nursing Council because I was lacking documents, or I did not hand in my files in time and so on and so forth.

When I finally was allowed to take the exams, I spent nearly two hours every day studying. First hour when waking, and a one-hour detour studying in cafes before heading home. At that time I worked from 9am until 7pm at the very latest and I worked for one of the toughest bosses I could ever encounter at the time.

In the end though, I did pass the written in one take. And then I had an emotional moment in life where my boyfriend at the time decided to end the relationship. Not only was I already mentally and physically exhausted and at my limit, the turmoil had to be aggravated by this–this then affected my first try on the Practical exam.

And then somewhere along the way I met a supportive partner in life, who helped me study (by being my patient) and prepare for the ultimate exam of my life. I will admit that the 2nd take on my exam felt a little half-hearted, because have way my anxieties got the best of me, (I guess you could also say that I was a little bit distracted as I was entering a new relationship then) and I began having extreme tremors like a Parkinson’s patient would, and sadly, that cost me my exam.

For the final take, I took my time and this time, found a class that was willing to coach me. But because I was the only english-speaking client I had to pay HKD24000 instead of HKD16000 if I found friends to enter this with. Despite my efforts of finding others, they either found it too expensive, or chose to just stick with their current study groups.

I did not let this get in the way though. So I did what I could to earn that money and saved up as much as I could. Where the normal classes had a total of 39 hours, my special class had to cram everything in just 24 hours. Two weeks before Christmas before flying to the Netherlands for my partner’s family reunion, I had to go to work everyday, and the days I didn’t work (Friday and Sunday) I had to attend my 8 hour classes.

How I managed that? Persistence, resilience and determination.

And on the last day of my class I had a mini breakdown from all the stress building up, but of course there was no time for that since I had that flight the same evening.

Even when I was on that holiday, every jet-lagged hour I could not sleep, I was visualizing the steps for my exam. For every minute of commuting and disconnection from social media, I would sit quietly and visualized the steps needed for the practical exam. I even had a little flashcard I prepared for myself to study on the go.

And on the day of the exam, I listened to Pokemon’s Elite Four theme songs in all variations up until I sat at the lobby waiting for my batch to go in.

For first time takers of the Practical Exams, the set up is done in a nursing school, where their rooms are simulated wards and your practice dummies were live nursing students. You had three stations that tackled three main objectives of the exam:

Health Assessment, Administration of Medications and Aseptic Technique

(I’ll go into more details later)

I did my exams exactly in this order.

My Health Assessment was based on Cardio. Administration of Meds revolved around high blood pressure and BPH and Aseptic Technique was done on the Left Malleolus, where for one split second I had a mild panic attack figuring out where the fxxx the malleolus was. I then fell into deductive reasoning in regards to the location of the wound.

It always fell into three categories, the arm, a joint and a foot. And because might stated a lower extremity, I told myself to calm down and just casually observe the lower extremity, and ta-da! It was just on the foot. Lucky me. If I had panicked any more, I would have probably failed.

I even thought that I would because I blanked on malleolus!

Any way, fast-forward to the 9 week mark — of course we’d like to skip all those days freaking out, having timely melt downs and inevitable anxieties consume me — in my email, I received two attachments.

Now before I mention anything else, I just wanted to share a dream I had roughly two days before I received the email. I dreamt I read the letter from the council saying I passed. I was soooo happy that I was literally jumping for joy in my dream to the point where I woke up.

Anyway, going back to the experience of me and the email I remember how my stomach dropped and feeling light-headed. I didn’t want to open anything first, so instead, I read the 2nd attachment and it was a file for me to fill in for registering as a nurse. And then it clicked. I read the first 5 words of the letter and then the rest was history.

Every day I now wake up early and excited, ecstatic that all my dreams and planning and persistence lead up to this day!

But of course, my story does not end here, it has just begun.

But enough about me, have you taken the exam yet? 😀


I Just Started Nutrition Kitchen

I have just started Nutrition Kitchen.

Day one consists of Pulled Mexican Chilli Pork and Miso Salmon with some Udon Noodles.

I rate Chilli Pork as 6/10.
Miso Salmon as 5/10 (needed some seasoning)

Day Two was Poultry day!

For lunch I had Roasted chicken with Potatoes and carrots and they even had their little seasoning!

I rate the flavor as 7/10

For dinner, I had Chilli Turkey, I rate it another 5/10 as it needed a little oomph for me to survive it.

So far so good. Instead of signing up for 5 days, I signed up for the full month where weekends and holidays are my cheat days! Well, hopefully I won’t disappoint myself in my journey to weight loss!

I’m currently at 57.7kg and I am aiming for 50kg or at least 55kg and toned!

Schengen Visa Approved in Less than a week!

You read that right! I surely got that visa in less than a week!

Even I am very surprised myself!

But with proper planning (or what I wish I had done) anything is possible (and easier)!

So yes, ideally, it’s always best to have everything planned out before going ahead with things–which is what I initially did.

If there were a couple of things I wish I knew before the entire process of applying for the visa itself came to play they are as listed below:

  1. MAKE FLIGHT RESERVATION TICKETS as opposed to buying the real deal.
  2. Start applying 3 months before your planned departure date. (which I didn’t do, but wished I did)
  3. ALWAYS make an online appointment whenever possible. (Otherwise they can be a real bitch about it)
  4. ALWAYS call up the embassy if there are things in their website that seems unclear. (which my boyfriend did)

(As you can see, I’m a very organized person 😀 )

Now keep these in mind very well.

The next will be some tips I should have done! 😀

  1. Booking a Hotel reservation is always easier than having someone write you an invite letter.
  2. Always have your dough ready before the entire shebang! Money talks.
  3. Always start applying 3 months before your date of departure. (which I should’ve done, but hey z’all good now :D)

So I did have my documents ready:

  1. Itinerary Letter (stating my purpose and plans during my stay there)
  2. Passport and photocopies (x2 I’m a little over the top)
  3. Photocopies of all visas valid and expired (mainly expired now)
  4. Permanent HKID (x2, once again I’m over the top)
  5. Employment Contract (made a certified copy just so they can’t say anything)
  6. Letter of approved vacation leaves from work
  7. 6 months worth of payslips and 3 months recent bank statement (with savings for the trip. Had HKD10k which I borrowed from my boyfriend, deposited it the same day, printed that shit out, returned the money to him and presented it just like that)
  8. Hotel reservations (boyfriend booked the same day we handed it to the embassy)
  9. Copy of booked flight tickets (like I said, try and avoid doing this)
  10. Travel insurance (which I bought for HKD99 good for 10 days, but covers beyond 30,000 euros)

I compiled all this in one folder and even made sticky tabs to organize all them shits so they can easily skim through them. I arranged in the following order:

  1. Itinerary letter
  2. Travel docs and visas (originals and photocopies)
  3. Reservations (hotels and flights)
  4. Stuff that proves you has money.
  5. Stuff that proves you workin boi!
  6. Other stuff (Travel insurance) 😀

Always keep in mind where you’ll be applying your schengen visa.

If you are just going to stay in one country, apply from that embassy.

If you are entering one country but majority of your stay is another place, approach the embassy who’s country you’ll be staying the longest.

If you are entering several, go with point of entry.

As long as you have financial cushion and enough time to let the embassy dilly dally with your docs and bug you every now and again (they don’t enjoy being pressured, so if you are in a time crunch, it ain’t their prob) you are absolutely fine.

My story was different. My flight for the Netherlands was due the 20th of June. I rocked up at their embassy on the 27th of April believing that walk-in appointments were entertained as their website had just said a month before that. So I went there and all of the sudden they denied my application and asked me to make an on-line appointment even when I was the first one there.

The next appointment was on the 7th of June.

So yeah. Imagine what I was going through.

So instead, I revamped my plans and heard through a friend that good ‘ol Belgium accepted walk-ins. But only a week after that incident.

Changed my itinerary, made hotel reservations and rocked up 2 Thursdays after my last attempt and it got accepted.

The day after, good ‘ole Belgia sent me an email discovering from my flight tickets that I was flying with my Dutchie boyfriend and needed a copy of his passport.

At first we panicked because his Honkie visa as yet to be activated and we began thinking up worse case scenarios. In the end we decided, our go to story was that I was going to Belgium first and he would follow me after spending time with his family.

Funny thing was, as soon as I sent his photocopied passport over email (on Saturday), I received another email the following Monday informing me that my visa was ready for pick up starting the day after!

Ideally, this isn’t the best approach for getting a Schengen visa. But it was a Plan B that was desperately devised since I wasn’t mentally ready to accept the fact that I wasn’t going to make it in the end.

But there you have it! As long as you have everything right and just make the filing suuuuper easy for the embassy, it is just a walk in the park!

It’s totally happening!

Hope this helped (and entertained you) in some way if you’re looking into applying for a Schengen Visa. It ain’t that hard as long as you plan and have a back-up plan 😀

Have you applied for the Visa yet, or applying for one? Let me know how that went! 😀

Hong Kong Nursing Results!

So the results came back today and I didn’t make the cut again! 

But you know what they say!

Third time’s the charm!!! 

I’ve got it all figured out now. The exam format is seriously so easy, it’s just me that gets all jittery when I’m in the moment!

The thing with the nursing exam here in Hong Kong is just that they are hella bookish and one tiny mistake can be the doom of the entire three-part series of the exam!

If there’s one advice to exam takers for the practical bit of the exam, it’s: if they writin’ down dose notes, you made a mistake!

And that, my friend, is the doom of your Pass result! Bummer!

But it ain’t getting to me, it just fuels my frustrations! Geddemmit!

It ain’t the end of the world tho!

Although I will be taking my exam next year since I got travelling plans lined up (;

And as for income? Apart from my okay-ish job, I am on the eye out for something big!

’til next time my lovelies~

I feel good

I woke up with a beautiful burst of positive energy. It could be the hormones or the cough tablets or these fresh new bed sheets or officially starting on that Dutch visa application or the full two day weekend I so rarely get or possibly the high from checking out my online shopping bag! 
Whatever it is I haven’t felt this in a really really long time! What worries me now is the exam result that can either make or break me this week! This level of happiness is bubbling throughout me and I am savouring every minute of it! Everything I see around me is so much clearer and it’s colors so brilliantly vivid I don’t know what to do with myself!


First Post!

I did it! Not sure what to write about just yet but I plan to seek out things to be greatful (grateful?) for at the end of the week and things to look forward to!

I’ve been through a roller coaster of emotions lately and I just realized that I used to be this happy optimistic person, but ever since I joined the work force in my true industry (any nurses in the house?) I realized my optimism and energy has been challenged one too many times. 

Thankfully, I still got my cheerleaders cheering me on!

In the week of March 12 – 19 is actually going to be a momentous phase of my life.

License result is coming out, volunteer research work and of course my lovely bag to be! 😍

Whatever the result, I’ll stay tuned no matter what!

Here we go!!!