Hong Kong Nursing Results!

So the results came back today and I didn’t make the cut again! 

But you know what they say!

Third time’s the charm!!! 

I’ve got it all figured out now. The exam format is seriously so easy, it’s just me that gets all jittery when I’m in the moment!

The thing with the nursing exam here in Hong Kong is just that they are hella bookish and one tiny mistake can be the doom of the entire three-part series of the exam!

If there’s one advice to exam takers for the practical bit of the exam, it’s: if they writin’ down dose notes, you made a mistake!

And that, my friend, is the doom of your Pass result! Bummer!

But it ain’t getting to me, it just fuels my frustrations! Geddemmit!

It ain’t the end of the world tho!

Although I will be taking my exam next year since I got travelling plans lined up (;

And as for income? Apart from my okay-ish job, I am on the eye out for something big!

’til next time my lovelies~


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