I Just Started Nutrition Kitchen

I have just started Nutrition Kitchen.

Day one consists of Pulled Mexican Chilli Pork and Miso Salmon with some Udon Noodles.

I rate Chilli Pork as 6/10.
Miso Salmon as 5/10 (needed some seasoning)

Day Two was Poultry day!

For lunch I had Roasted chicken with Potatoes and carrots and they even had their little seasoning!

I rate the flavor as 7/10

For dinner, I had Chilli Turkey, I rate it another 5/10 as it needed a little oomph for me to survive it.

So far so good. Instead of signing up for 5 days, I signed up for the full month where weekends and holidays are my cheat days! Well, hopefully I won’t disappoint myself in my journey to weight loss!

I’m currently at 57.7kg and I am aiming for 50kg or at least 55kg and toned!